Our Mission

VoiceDeck started in 2018 with a clear mission: to forge a new funding source for impact-driven journalism. We stand for journalism that not only informs but transforms, fostering a world where every story instigating real change is supported

Empowering voices, enabling change

Our dedication lies in supporting investigative journalists who courageously speak truth to power, holding public officials accountable. We believe in the power of sponsorship that goes beyond mere monetary support—it’s about seeing tangible change unfold. With VoiceDeck, when you sponsor a story, you receive an impact report narrating the profound change your contribution has made. This isn’t just about funding; it’s about being part of a story of meaningful change.

The spark behind VoiceDeck

At the helm is Devansh Mehta, a former investigative journalist whose insightful master’s thesis at the Columbia School of Journalism not only garnered academic acclaim but led to outcomes like a high-profile resignation of a major airline CEO. Despite the demonstrable impact, the funding for his story remained static, mirroring the financial support of any other freelance reporter. This sparked a realization in Devansh: the need for new, innovative ways to fund painstaking, in-depth reporting that results in tangible change. From this need, VoiceDeck was conceived.

Collaboration at the core

VoiceDeck has garnered support from prestigious entities like the Ethereum Foundation, being honored as part of their Next Billion Fellowship’s third cohort. With the expertise of PSE and Pollen Labs, we’re collaboratively designing and building VoiceDeck in the open, inviting a community of users, developers, and enthusiasts to join this mission.

A vision for revolutionary journalism

We envision VoiceDeck as more than a platform; it’s a mission-driven movement set to radically alter the landscape of journalism. We are committed to engaging deeply with communities affected by our reports, crafting a space where trust isn’t just expected—it’s constructed on the bedrock of transparency and truth.