Our Roadmap to Transforming Journalism

October 2023: The Genesis of Innovation This is where our journey begins.

We’re uniting with PSE and Pollen Labs to embark on a mission that transcends traditional journalism. Our goal for this kickoff is not just to build another retroactive funding platform but to ideate and forge radical change within the journalistic landscape. Be a part of this groundbreaking brainstorming process.
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November 2023: Microsite Launch and Visionary Planning Inspired by a spectrum of voices, we’ve honed our grand vision.

Post-ideation, we’re transitioning into action. By the end of November, our development roadmap will be carved out into actionable GitHub issues, ready for our team and contributing visionaries to tackle. Join us as we unveil our minimal lovable product blueprint.
[Discover Our Vision on Notion]



December 2023 – February 2024: Crafting the Minimal Lovable Product Focused and fired up, we’re dedicating these months to meticulously crafting a platform that journalists and citizens will love. Our ambitious target? To onboard 300 impactful reports, creating a robust chain of stories ready for community support. Your hands can help shape this reality.



February – April 2024: Reflective Growth and Inclusive Expansion Our initial version targets the tech-savvy, the pioneers of change. As we collect feedback and learn from our early adopters, our sights are set on deepening connections with local advocates. Your voice can help us evolve, finding new ways to bolster our vision and support from every corner of the community.

This roadmap is an invitation to engage, contribute, and be part of a transformative project from the ground up. By providing clear milestones and opportunities for involvement, we aim to inspire and mobilize a community of changemakers eager to contribute to the future of journalism.